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Test of Assurance

   Posted by: jmueller

Scripture tells us that we need to test ourselves to be sure that we are in the Faith (2 Corinthians 13:5).

Here is a test for you to examine yourself against.

Part 1 – Evidences that neither prove nor disprove your faith.

  1. Do you show signs of visible morality?
  2. Do you have knowledge of God?
  3. Do you show signs of religious involvement?
  4. Are you actively involved in ministry?
  5. Do you feel conviction over your sins?
  6. Do you know when you decided to make Jesus your Lord and Savior?

Part 2 – Proofs of Authentic Christianity

  1. Do you love God?
  2. Have you repented of your sins, and are you still?
  3. Do you have genuine humility?
  4. Are you devoted to bringing God glory?
  5. Do you pray continuously?
  6. Do you have selfless love for the sake of others?
  7. Are you separated from the world?  Does the world also recognize that you are separated from it?
  8. Are you showing signs of spiritual growth?

If Part 1 is true of a person and Part 2 is false, then there is cause to question the validity of your profession of faith.

If Part 2 is true for you, then Part 1 will also be true.

Now here you might say, “I am struggling with some of the items in Part 2″.  Well, join the club.  If you are truly saved, then you are being sanctified.  This means that you will be growing to become more like Christ.  This will not be complete until you go to be with Him.   But you should see signs of growth.  You should be able look back at where you were last year and be able to say that you are holier now than you were then.  Or better yet, ask someone close to you that question.

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