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How To Kill Sin

   Posted by: jmueller    in Sin

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Emerging Leaders Grads Meeting January 25, 2010

   Posted by: jmueller    in Emerging Leaders

During our last meeting, we discussed the CD from our previous meeting.  I can’t post it here, as it is copyrighted material, but I did receive permission from the publisher to distribute a small number of copies for our group.  The CD came from a disc that I received for Christmas.  It is called ‘Creation and the Gospel’.  Last June, Wretched Radio organized the ‘Wretched Creation Vacation.  They set up a weekend of conferences and tours at the Creation Museum located just outside Cincinnati in Petersburg, KY.  They recorded 8 of the talks that were given and compiled them onto this disc.  The one that was handed out was from Dr. David Menton on ‘Debunking Darwin’

I have encoded the CD that was handed out for discussion for the next meeting.  It is shown below.  I have posted a test that we can look at for the next meeting.  You can find it here.  I will print copies and bring them to the next meeting, also.

Paul Washer – ‘The Cost of Discipleship’ aka ‘Fruit!?’

We also read and discussed Chapter 10: Inviting and Pursuing Correction from CJ Mahaney’s book ‘Humility’.  I have posted a series of messages from John Piper on ‘How To Kill Sin’ here.

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How Do You Know If You’re A Backslider?

   Posted by: jmueller    in Backsliding

The Backslider Test
How do you know if you are a backslider?
Take the test.
Please remember…there is nobody who can score this test but you. God knows if you are
saved…and you know.
1. When prayer ceases to be a vital part of a professing Christian’s life, backsliding is
2. When the quest for biblical truth ceases and one grows content with the knowledge
of eternal things already acquired, there can be no mistaking the presence of
3. When the biblical knowledge possessed or acquired is treated as external fact and
not applied inwardly, backsliding is present…
4. When earnest thoughts about eternal things cease to be regular and gripping, it
should be like a warning light to the backslider…
5. When the services of the church lose their delights, a backslidden condition
probably exists…
6. When pointed spiritual discussions are an embarrassment, that is certain evidence of
7. When sports, recreation, and entertainment are a large and necessary part of your
lifestyle, you may assume backsliding is in force…
8. When sins of the body and of the mind can be indulged in without an uproar in your
conscience, your backslidden condition is certain…
9. When aspirations of Christ-like holiness cease to be dominant in your life and
thinking, backsliding is there…
10. When the acquisition of money and goods becomes a dominant part of your
thinking, you have a clear confirmation of backsliding…
11. When you can mouth religious songs and words without heart, be sure backsliding
is present…
12. When you can hear the Lord’s name taken in vain, spiritual concerns mocked, and
eternal issues flippantly treated, and not be moved to indignation and action, you are
13. When you can watch degrading movies and television and read morally debilitating
literature, you can be sure you have backslidden…
14. When breaches of peace in the brotherhood are of no concern to you, that is proof
of backsliding…
15. When the slightest excuse seems sufficient to keep you from spiritual duty and
opportunity, you are backslidden…
16. When you become content with your lack of spiritual power and no longer seek
repeated endowments of power from on high, you have backslidden…
17. When you pardon your own sin and sloth by saying the Lord understands and
remembers that we are dust, you may have spoken gospel truth, but you have also
revealed your backslidden condition…
18. When there is no music in your soul and no song in your heart, the silence testifies
to your backsliding…
19. When you adjust happily to the world’s lifestyle, your own mirror will tell the truth
of your backsliding…
20. When injustice and human misery exist around you and you do little or nothing to
relieve the suffering, be sure you are backslidden…
21. When your church has fallen into spiritual declension and the Word of God is no
longer preached there with power and you are still content, you are in a backslidden
22. When the spiritual condition of the world declines around you and you cannot
perceive it, that is testimony to your backslidden stance…
23. When you are willing to cheat your employer, backsliding is apparent…
24. When you find yourself rich in grace and mercy and marvel at your own
godlikeness, then you have fallen far in your backsliding…
25. When your tears are dried up and the hard, cold spiritual facts of your existence
cannot unleash them, see this as an awful testimony to both the hardness of your heart
and the depth of your backsliding.
– Richard Owen Roberts


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Darlene Daibler Rose from WOTM

   Posted by: jmueller    in Podcasts

This podcast is from the ‘Way Of The Master’ radio. About 15 minutes into the podcast, they play a portion of an interview with Darlene Deibler Rose, although the entire podcast is worthwhile listening.

Way Of The Master Radio Podcast from Sept. 3, 2007

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God’s Plan of Salvation

   Posted by: jmueller    in Commandments, Salvation, Sin

Are you saved? Do you know, with certainty, that when you die, you will go to Heaven?  I know, I know. You say that there is no way of knowing where anyone is going when they die.

This is one of the biggest questions that needs to be answered.

You can know for certain if you are going to Heaven.

The Bible tells us that you can know this.  As a matter of fact, the Bible tells us why mankind was created, who created mankind, why there is evil in the world, why there is a Hell, and how we can enjoy God forever in Heaven, and much, much more.  According to Genesis 1:1, God created the Universe.  Genesis 1:27 tells us that God created Adam and Eve on the sixth day.  Now, in spite of being placed in the perfect Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve grew full of pride and rebeled against God’s command to not eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Gen 3:1-13).  Sin entered the world through this act.  Each one of us has sinned against God (Romans 3:23).

At this point, many people say ‘Yeah, but I’m a prettygood person.  I do lots of good things for people’, or ‘I’m not as bad a Hitler’, or some such thing.  So let’s look at that for a moment.  Let’s go through a short test to see if you are really a ‘Good Person’.  How many lies have you told in your life?  Even ‘little white lies’ are still lies (Ex 20:16).  Have you ever stolen something, even if it is small?  A piece of gum from a store, a pen from the office, music from the internet (Ex 20:15)?  Have you ever used God’s name in vain?  This means to use His name in way that is not honoring to Him, usually as a cuss word (Ex 20:7).  Have you ever had a lustful desire for another person?  X-rated thoughts about someone else?  Jesus said that if a person lusts after another person, they have committed adultery in their heart (Matt 5:27-28, Ex 20:14).  Have you always kept God first in your life?  Is He precious to you (Ex 20:3)?  We have looked at only five of the Ten Commandments (Ex 20:1-17).  There are five more that are still left to convict you.  In addition, the Bible teaches that if we break just one of the God’s laws, we are guilty of breaking them all (James 2:10).  It only takes breaking one law to become a criminal, whether you look at civil law, or God’s law.

The punishment for breaking God’s Law is severe.  The Bible teaches us that the punishment for sin is death (Rom 5:12).  It also tells us that anyone who has sinned will not go to Heaven (1 Cor 6:9-10). And like I showed earlier,  everyone has sinned (Rom 3:23).  That sounds very harsh, doesn’t it. But here is an analogy: if I lie to one of my sons, how much trouble do I get into?  Not very much, right?  What if I were to lie to my wife? I would be sleeping on the couch.  What if I lie to a police officer? I could be thrown in jail.  What if I lie to the President?  I could be executed for treason.  So, in every one of those situations, I did the same thing wrong.  So what made the punishment  change?  It was the one against whom I lied.  The importance and power of that individual.  So finally, what if I commit a lie against God – the Infinite, Eternal Creator of the Universe?  The punishment should be eternal and infinite.  And that is exactly what each of us desrves for violating His laws.  And you might say ‘But I thought that God was forgiving’.  If God were to just forgive everyone that has broken His law, then he would not be a good and just God.  He cannot let lawbreakers go free.

So now what?  We all deserve eternal punishment.  Is there any way to be saved?  In order to let a criminal go, the punishment must be fulfilled or the fine must be paid.

There is Hope

God sent His son to earth, who was fully man and fully God, 2000 years ago.  Just as was prophesied (Isa 7:14), Jesus was born of a virgin (Matt 1:18).  He lived a sinless, perfect life. He performed many miracles (Heb 2:4).  He healed  people of blindness (John 9:1-41), leprousy (Matt 8:1-4), and even death (John 11:1-44).  In spite of the miracles, the Jewish religious leaders refused to accept that he was the Messiah.  They paid one of his Apostles to betray him (Matt  26:14-16).  He was convicted by the Sanhedrin of blasphemy and sentenced to death (Matt 26:57-68), and the Roman Governor bowed to their wishes (John 19:1-15).  So Jesus was whipped, beaten and put to death on a Roman  cross (John 19:1-38).  He suffered the wrath of God on that cross, and took the punishment that you and I deserve (Rom 3:25-26).  Then, three days later, He rose from the dead conquering Death.  He paid the price for our sins.  It is  through His sacrifice that our sentence can be commuted, and we can be set free.

Does that mean that everyone gets to go to Heaven, then, because of what Jesus did? Certainly not. Only those people that trust in the fact that He paid that price and turn to Him in repentance will be saved.  This means that you need to acknowledge that you have sinned against Him, apologize to Him, and turn from those sins. Pray to Him exactly what you are feeling, and trust that he is listening.

Read the Gospel of John with an open mind and an open heart. If you don’t have a Bible, there are several websites that will let you read it online.  Here are just a few of them:Logos.com, Bible.orgBiblegateway.com, and ESV Bible.  If you have questions about any of this, please feel free to contact me at jeffmueller@relleumffej.com

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